Beginner's Guide To Black Tie

1. Whats black tie anyways? 

Black tie is generally for formal events after 6 p.m. It’s less formal than white tie (which nobody really rocks anymore) but more formal than business dress.

2. The History Of Black Tie 

Like many things the concept of black tie originated with the Prince of Whales Prince Edward VII who had the tailors Henry Poole create a less formal version of the white tie uniform most people wore then. 

3. What Black Tie Means Today ? 

Today black tie looks more like business formal. Most people just wear black or midnight blue suits with ties.  This isn't something we are endorsing, just giving you a lay of the land. 

4. What possible with a custom GT suit for my next black tie attire? 

We specialize in creating beautiful custom suiting for entire weddings and black tie events. As your personal clothiers we can guide you expertly through the process. We can create traditional or non traditional, winter or beach,  formal option(s) for you using our intensive fabric range. 

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