Table Talk: There’s something just so damn elegant about a slouchy, yet well-tailored DB jacket.

Words by Mr Brent Hickman 
I don’t want to go too deep down a historical rabbit hole, but did you know the double- breasted jacket was originally a staple piece of casual sportswear? The suit jacket that made its way from the iconic 1930s big money banker types to the bad suit fashion era known as the 90s, was originally not a formal piece at all. Is this why I love it so much? From day one of my interest in clothing, I have been on a journey to find the perfect double-breasted blazer. It’s been years and I’ve realized that I may just have to make one. A DB as it’ll be known from this point on (I don’t want to type it out) is the perfect way of dressing up and staying casual about it. There’s an elegance that comes with a DB that cannot be put into words. Perhaps that’s due to “the man who would be king” who made it famous, even when it wasn’t quite accepted. Google: Duke of Windsor.
A DB suit is great for formal affairs no doubt, but when you can throw one on with a polo shirt or a club collar/runaway collar shirt sans tie and maybe some Belgian loafers ( I actually did this for a wedding recently) it takes on a whole new casual cool. No one doubted my ensemble for a minute. I received high praise for “always looking good”. There’s a lesson there with clothing and style in general; if you act like what you have on is exactly what you’re supposed to have on, no one will question it. If you walk with purpose and act like you’re supposed to be there, no one will ask to see your invitation. I was invited to the wedding I mentioned before though so, this is all hypothetical.
There’s something just so damn elegant about a slouchy, yet well-tailored DB jacket. There’s a Jekyll and Hyde storyline at play with a DB. Buttoned up, you’re sophisticated, you’re dressed sharp ol’boy. Unbuttoned, and you’re a man among great style icons, many of whom are photographed bi-annually in Florence for that trade show we’re all searching for a reason to attend, Pitti Uomo.
The DB is versatile. It can be worn to a wedding, maybe even a formal business meeting, or over a club collar shirt with jeans out to dinner with the missus. Some guys feel as though they can’t pull it off, or that it’s “not the look for them”, this may be true in some cases, but I happen to think, like anything, if worn with confidence and grace, anyone can pull off a double-breasted jacket. I just had to spell it out for the final line.