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business formal

If you meet with executives and managers, work in law, or hold a high position in your company, our business formal options are best for you. 

business casual

One of the more usual dress codes in North America, business casual attire allows you to inject some personality to your work wear, while still looking professional. With our business casual options, you can anticipate more color and unique accessory suggestions. 

the after 5

 There is a thin line between being casual and being too casual or creative in your dressing. With that being said, we've created the After 5 suit. If dining, entertaining or making appearances in casual clothing that is pressed, neat, and appropriate, you guarantee that the casual dress code is a boon, not a bane for you.

suit seperates

Suit separates are an elegant solution for those who need to find the right combination of jacket and dress pants. Instead of buying the pants that correspond with your suit jacket , with suit separates you can buy the two pieces individually, and mix and match to find the perfect fit.

seasonal suits

There’s a new look, mood, and feel when seasons come and go, a signal for a change in your wardrobe. Seasonal suits are made for men who want to spice up their wardrobe, and have some fun. Owning one of our seasonal suit isn’t about following trends — use them as your personal inspiration to keep everything in life fresh.


Whether you are looking for a morning suit for the groom, or wedding suits and custom shirts for the whole wedding party, there is no more important day to look and feel your best.

We will help you source the ideal match from our range of the finest European and Italian fabrics, and walk you through every step of the tailoring process. With our help you can rest assured that when the big day comes, rain or shine, beach or summer,  at least your suit will be perfect. 


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On-demand Custom SUITS.

Our custom experience offers exclusivity and discretion in the comfort of your own home, hotel room, office, or other place of convenience.


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